New Years Encyclical 2007

Brethren and children in the Lord: Grace and blessings from the Lord.

By Divine goodness and philanthropy, we are entering the new year of 2007, continuing the journey of our lives upon the earth we choose our manner of life, according to either God or the world. We travel through the present life, some being oriented toward heaven just as the magi were by the star and others toward earthly vanity.

The All-good God provides His good things unto both alike, as a gracious Father who respects each person?s free will, which will either reward or condemn him who has it.

At this point, giving us an example and prototype of the certainty we must have, the divine Paul says, "I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air—but against the treacherous foe redeeming the time because the days are evil."

From a position of responsibility and with paternal yearning we exhort the flock entrusted to us, created in God?s image, and worthy of praise, to honor the present world through an upright life in conformity with the divine teaching of the Church. This shall be toward one?s own profit and chiefly to the glory of God Who was incarnate for us honoring that which was created in His image.

Keeping the above-stated in mind, let us receive the new year of divine goodness with much thanksgiving toward God and obedience to His holy will.

May the incarnate Lord and Master, Christ our God give steadfast heavenly peace from His rich mercy; enlightenment unto the knowledge of truth; and unabated health of both soul and body unto those upon the earth and victory to the Church against Its enemies. May He grant us to return to our ancestral roots and every good from heaven for many years.

With paternal love,
Your fervent intercessor with the Lord
Archbishop Chrysostomos II of Athens and all Greece

Orthodox Awareness

Why Do We Follow the Old Orthodox Calendar?

Why do we follow the Old Orthodox Calendar?

a Because based on it, the First Ecumenical Council established the Paschal Canon and appointed that the feast of Holy Pascha may fall anywhere from March 22nd until April 25th, while with the New (Papal) Calendar it can fall as late at May 8th.

b The Gregorian (Papal) Calendar has been condemned by three Pan-Orthodox Councils under Patriarch Jeremiah Tranos (1583, 1587, 1589) Read more...


Saint Matthew the Evangelist, Jonesboro, Arkansas

Jonesboro is a town located near the Eastern border of Arkansas, with a population of approximately 60,000. From a human standpoint, it’s not the most likely candidate for a traditional Orthodox mission, but for an Orthodox Christian who orders his priorities around Christ and His Church, it makes perfect sense. Read more...

Ask A Priest

Why do we Call Angels “Saint”?

Q. I noticed that we call the angels Michael and Gabriel "Saint." I thought the title "Saint" was only given to humans who have proven themselves Godly. Do you mind clarifying this for me? Is there a deeper meaning to "Saint" that I am not aware of?

-S.L.