Recent Decision of the Holy Synod

On Tuesday Sept. 5/18, 2012 the Holy Synod of the Hierarchy of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece convened in its offices in Athens and after the Holy Water Service upon the beginning of the new ecclesiastical year, reached the following decisions:

13. To accept the petition of admittance of Bishop Demetrius Kyriakou, coming from the Holy Orthodox Church of North America, leader of a group of monastics, clergy and seven parishes of North America. The petitioner appeared before the meeting and he answered various questions put forth by the members of the Synod. After the confirmation of the petitioner's correct faith, he was elected unanimously, suffragan Bishop of Metropolitan Pavlos of America, with the title Bishop of Boston and it was also decided that his canonical restoration take place at the Holy Monastery of the All-Immaculate Virgin (Panachrantou) in Megara, on Friday, September 8/21 of the current year. The further details concerning the incorporation of the Parishes, Clergy and Monastics will be arranged by the Holy Eparchial Synod of America with the participation of His Beatitude, Archbishop Kallinikos during his scheduled visit to New York on Sunday, September 17/30 of the current year.

Translated from the Greek.


Saint Matthew the Evangelist, Jonesboro, Arkansas

Jonesboro is a town located near the Eastern border of Arkansas, with a population of approximately 60,000. From a human standpoint, it’s not the most likely candidate for a traditional Orthodox mission, but for an Orthodox Christian who orders his priorities around Christ and His Church, it makes perfect sense. Read more...

Ask A Priest

Forty Day Memorial Service

Q. Can you please explain the significance of the forty day memorial service? An Evangelical family asked one of our relatives that question. We said that it’s best to ask a clergy member. Thank you in advance for your response. (We will forward it to them as soon as possible).
-P. & M. G.