Decisions of the Holy Synod June 3, 2011

On Thursday June 3/16, 2011 the Holy Synod of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece gathered in a regular meeting at its offices in Athens and discussed the following:

  1. It rejected the petition of a New Calendarist from Brazil who bears the title of a clergyman, and placed his file in the archives.
  2. It discussed the details of the canonical integration of the former New Calendarist clergyman Fr. Felix Piñeros.
  3. It accepted the petition of the clergyman from Argentina (Patriarchate of Georgia) Fr. David Lestani.
  4. It accepted the petition of the clergyman from Toronto
    1. Panagiotes Carras, Protopresbyter
    2. Alexander Dizes, Protopresbyter
    3. George Turpa, Presbyter
    4. David Belden, Presbyter
    5. Sergius Pellegrini, Presbyter
  5. It decided for the present not to send a missionary delegation to the Republic the of Congo, but rather it sent an invitation to the clergy joining the Church to come to Greece to be canonically set in order and to receive the necessities (antiminsia, Holy Myrrh, books, sacred vessels etc.)
  6. It was informed by his Grace Bishop Gregory of Christianoupolis concerning his recent visit to New York and Montreal.

Translated from the Greek

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